Give Back

Our mission at ThreadBound Outdoor Apparel is to create quality products and to give back to the world we live in. We have partnered with amazing organizations and are donating 1% of our sales of each design to the related organization. By choosing your hat design, you are choosing what you are passionate about and that is where your donation will go.

choose your design – give back

Surf Design

surf, beach, SUP, paddle, kayak, paddel, canoe, boat, sun, summer, palm tree, tropical

1% of sales of our Surf Design hat will go to the Plastic Oceans Project. Based in Wilmington, NC the Plastic Ocean Project is working to protect our oceans from the eminent danger of plastics and micro plastics polluting our oceans. They are bringing the best and brightest leaders to the table to take on the challenge of removing plastics from our oceans while creating sustainable businesses in the process. This includes leaders from the military, federal government, entrepreneurial thinkers, businesses leaders, scientists, researchers, artists, celebrities, fishermen, veterans, and students. 

“Our hope is to create a collective community focused on reducing plastic use while finding innovation and collaboration around giving value to plastic waste that will in turn encourage the “mining” of plastics on and offshore.


By choosing the camp design, 1% of your sale will go to Mountain Alliance. Mountain Alliance provides transformative experiences and support to all Avery and Watauga, NC teenagers, regardless of means or background. Through volunteer service, challenging outdoor adventure, cultural outings, after school academic support and mentorship, they strive to unlock the leadership potential present in every teen.

“Through service outings students gain a sense of perspective, understanding and concern for those around them, and a new appreciation for the betterment of the community while gaining insight into social and environmental issues.”

Mountain Alliance helps students achieve success in school, graduate, dream big and and achieve their goals as they become the next leaders in our community.

Mountain bike DESIGN

bike, mountain bike, downhill, cycle, gravel, cross country, triathlete, race, downhill, mtb

1% of sales of our Mountain Bike Design hat will go to the International Mountain Bicycling Association. The IMBA Trail Solutions is the international leader in developing singletrack trails. The IMBA responsibly provides high-quality mountain biking experiences while simultaneously minimizing environmental impacts. With their expertise in creating sustainable and enjoyable trails, the IMBA partners with local communities and businesses to build trails close to home.

“We see the future of mountain biking in going after opportunities for more close-to-home access. Our goal is to grow the quantity and quality of mountain bike trail communities across the U.S.”

With over 3 decades of experience, the IMBA trail building guidelines have influenced land management agencies around the world and are frequently adopted as best practices.


1% of sales of our Paw Print Design hat will go to the Cause for Paws of NC. This incredible non-profit that helps dogs and cats find fur-ever homes for animals in need. Check out their site at or follow them on instagram or their facebook page @causeforpawsofnc. 

Cause for Paws of North Carolina takes in unwanted cats and dogs, providing safe haven for them until they are adopted! Their cats are housed in our two Raleigh store locations and theur dogs are in private foster homes around the Raleigh, NC area.

“Through our services, collaboration with other organizations, and thrift stores, we strive to improve our communities by recycling goods, creating jobs, and providing care for animals in need of adoption.”

Take it from us (Erin & Jeremiah), the CFP pups are incredible and we adopted our own member of the family Tui from them. Tui is also joined by his sister Rua who was also adopted. Adopt don’t shop! 🙂